Our team

Montirius is firstly women and men who are passionate about their work.  In the office, in the vines, in the winery, we try to maintain a delicate balance whereby each one brings his/her talent, competences and motivation, while maintaining the respect for others and for our philosophy.  We hereby thank Laetitia, Maryse, Annick, Olivier, Jean-Pierre, Jonathan, Fréderic, Gilles and Laurent for their respective contributions.  Concerning Manon, Justine and Marius, our three children, two of whom work with us all year, they are aware of our love and gratitude;  their names gave birth to the word ‘Montirius’.

Christine et Eric.


The Saurel Family


Eric has run the family domain for 26 years.  Viticulturist to start with and winemaker in his soul, he converted the domain to Bio-Dynamic culture in 1996 before constructing his new cellar for the best grapes of 2002.


When Christine married Eric 26 years ago, she also married the cause of the family domain.   She actively participated in the conversion process towards Bio-Dynamic culture, in the construction of the cellar, in the blending of wines and the commercialization of them in France and abroad.


Justine invests herself totally in the family domain.  She has to her credit 6 wine making terms at Montirius and one in New Zeland, 3 years apprenticeship in the vines and she is in the throes of becoming a young winemaker at the family domain. She is Christine and Eric’s oldest daughter.


Manon SAUREL the youngest daughter of Eric and Christine is doing her study at the Business School Sup de Co in Montpellier. She is doing a Master Grande Ecole and works at the estate three weeks every month, assisting her mother in commercial policy.


Still studying at the Lycée, he may follow in his sisters’ footsteps if he wants to.  For the moment, he helps from time to time in the vines or in the winery during his school holidays.

The Montirius Office Team


Laetitia is our right hand woman!  She has been with us for 10 years and is the administrative memory of the business.  She oversees the preparation of the domestic orders and assists Christine in commercial matters.  She has the rare capacity of being able to combine being effective and rigorous while keeping a smile.


Nathaly  joined the Montirius team on the 15th of February 2015 as our accountant; the whole team and the Saurel family are ​delighted about this new addition. Nathaly is competent both as an accountant and with the social aspect of the job, she will assist Christine, Justine and Eric administratively, and will be available to assist the clients. She has integrated the Montirius family with ease and good humour.


The Montirius Team in the Vines


Olivier is our team leader.  He has been with us for 7 years.  Having assisted Eric in the winery for 5 years, he has become our right hand man in the vines.  He has a sense of what is needed.

Jean Pierre, Jonathan, Gilles, Samuel, Diego and Justine

Side by side with Olivier, they lavish daily care on the vines.


The Montirius Team in the Winery

Emmanuel joined our team the 20h of June 2013.